Harness the potent forces of Heaven and Earth to enrich your life, family and home.


I love the Earth.  I love Nature.  I love weaving the powerful forces of Heaven and Earth into every aspect of life in a way that creates relationships, vibrant health, prosperity, and passionate purpose.  In a way that is in harmony with the Earth.   In a way that supports our Awakening.

In my business, New Earth Alchemy, I embrace Taoist cosmology and the powerful roots of Feng Shui, Chinese medicine, and other ancient wisdom arts.  As a Feng Shui Master and Soul Purpose Mentor, I teach and transmit to you the ancient art and science of how the Universe creates and evolves itself.

It is my honor and privilege to guide you – to empower you – to create evolutionary, sustainable success and prosperity in harmony with the Earth.

Together, we embrace and embody the powerful, primal elements of Nature, within and without…

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